Love2D passe en version 11.4

Love2D est un formidable framework pour développer des jeux en 2D sur Windows, Linux ou Mac.

En perpétuel développement, le framework vient tout juste de changer de version, passant de la 11.3 à la 11.4. Son nom de code reste : Mysterious Mysteries.

Voici la liste des changements de la nouvelle version :


Other Changes

  • Changed all builds and platforms where LOVE provides LuaJIT to use LuaJIT 2.1 instead of 2.0.
  • Changed love.timer.getTime to start at 0 when the module is first loaded.
  • Changed certain out-of-Lua-memory situations to show a message box instead of instantly crashing.
  • Changed the naming scheme of LOVE’s embedded Lua files for improved integration with Lua chunkname APIs.


  • Fixed build-time compatibility with Lua 5.4.
  • Fixed code compatibility with math.mod and string.gfind when LuaJIT 2.1 is used.
  • Fixed errors on some systems related to > 53 bit pointer addresses, when recent versions of LuaJIT 2.1 are used.
  • Fixed the default error handler showing a blank screen on some mobile devices.
  • Fixed drag-and-drop to open a love game on macOS causing love.event.quit(« restart ») to fail.
  • Fixed fused macOS apps opening other love games when drag-and-drop is used (if the fused app hasn’t already removed .love files from recognized document types).
  • Fixed File:isEOF when called on a dropped file.
  • Fixed support for > 2GB dropped files on desktops.
  • Fixed ByteData missing a Data:clone implementation.
  • Fixed love.physics meter scale value persisting after love.event.quit(« restart »).
  • Fixed audio to resume properly after interruption on iOS.
  • Fixed to error instead of crash when an invalid video file is given.
  • Fixed initial window creation to set the window’s title during creation instead of after.
  • Fixed the window’s screen position when exiting fullscreen via love.window.setFullscreen.
  • Fixed love.displayrotated being given a boolean instead of an enum string.
  • Fixed memory corruption and a crash when drawing smooth lines.
  • Fixed a crash in Canvas:newImageData when the pixel format’s pixel byte size multiplied by its width isn’t a multiple of 4.
  • Fixed when explicit mipmaps are provided.
  • Fixed freezes and crashes in automatic batching when an AMD GPU is used.
  • Fixed and Image:replacePixels on more AMD/ATI GPUs.
  • Fixed Font:setFallbacks to account for different DPI scales in each fallback font.
  • Fixed Font:getWrap to not remove trailing newlines.
  • Fixed Text:getWidth when the Text’s string only contains spaces.
  • Fixed a crash with some Intel graphics drivers on Linux.
  • Fixed a hang with some Intel graphics drivers on Windows, by preventing gamma correct rendering on affected systems.
  • Fixed a crash with some Intel graphics drivers on Windows when mipmapped Canvases are used.
  • Fixed texture memory reported by when a volume or array Canvas is created.
  • Fixed DXT1 textures which use 1 bit alpha-cutout.
  • Fixed rare issues where textures were not sent to shaders correctly.
  • Fixed Shader:send(name, data, matrixlayout, …).
  • Fixed quad offsets in ParticleSystems when ParticleSystem:setOffset is not used.
  • Fixed a performance issue with setting a small subrange of data in non-stream Meshes and SpriteBatches.
  • Fixed rounded rectangles breaking if the rx or ry parameters are negative.
  • Fixed rounded rectangle automatic points calculation when rx or ry are more than half the rectangle’s size.
  • Fixed source code compilation on Xcode 12+.
  • Fixed source code compilation on Linux systems that don’t provide posix_spawn APIs.

Pour installer Love2D, rien de plus simple ! Il suffit de se rendre sur et de récupérer la version correspondante à votre ordinateur. Si vous aviez déjà Love2D sur votre ordinateur, inutile de le désinstaller : l’installeur remplacera les fichiers précédents par les nouveaux.

La version 12 de Love2D est toujours en cours de développement, vous pouvez jeter un œil aux avancées à l’adresse suivante :

Gamecodeur propose un parcours de programmation complet sur Love2D, disponible à l’adresse suivante :

Si vous souhaitez apprendre à programmer des jeux vidéo, vous pouvez rejoindre Gamecodeur à l’adresse suivante :

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